This is Executive Coaching for women in business who desire personal growth and expansion because they deeply know when they are fully confident in themselves this energy enhances their work, the work of their team and directly impacts the company’s overall success. 

This program is for the woman who: 

X is sick of going through the day-to-day motions (ugh)

X is tired of waiting for new opportunities to land in her lap 

She deeply desires:

... to expand her zone of genius and let her voice be heard; she loves to collaborate with other people in her field

... to feel a new, creative energy in her work; she loves to inspire her team to do their best work

... to expand the borders of her comfort zones; she is always willing to learn and grow

Hi, I’m Paige,
Owner of Paige Rene Coaching and founder of The Leadership Accelerator. 


As a High-Performance Coach, I’ve worked with 1000s of women guiding them directly to the results they desire. This success is achieved largely from (1) the ability to move through failure quickly, (2) a true understanding of self-leadership, and (3) consistency and accountability using tools that intentionally reflect a growth mindset. 

My personal success is absolutely from my background in athletics and my ability to move “from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm” (borrowed that from Winston Churchill). 

I have 11 years of Division I collegiate softball experience, which is a sport of A LOT of “failure.” When you reach base 3 out of 10 plate appearances, that’s considered a success. Those 7 dreadful times where you “fail” can certainly derail you…if you allow it. 

This is where I’ve discovered self-leadership is instrumental. Your ability to maintain your confidence and growth through intentional mindset tools will change your life. I deeply know and understand that you have to lead yourself in order to effectively lead others. 

A peek at my resume shows you an extensive leadership background from serving on The Leadership Academy as a student-athlete at The University of North Carolina to leading on-campus softball recruiting efforts at The University of Arkansas to leading clients through the various offers inside Paige Rene Coaching. 

My intention with The Leadership Accelerator is to empower women to step into their full confidence. It is to empower women to use the strength of their voices. It is to empower women to advocate for themselves. When my clients feel their best, they perform their best, and everyone they work with benefits. 


The Leadership Accelerator is a 6-month leadership enrichment program that empowers members with the tools to lead themselves to effectively lead their teams.

Kickstart Survey

A baseline survey is given to each manager prior to the start of The Leadership Accelerator to gauge where they are now (Island A) and where they desire to be in 6 months (Island B). The program serves as the “how” boat to get them to Island B. 

Monthly Group Call

Each month members of The Leadership Accelerator join an impact call with Paige on the following topics: Confidence, Communication, Self Leadership, Manifestation, Process Focus, and Radical Responsibility. 

The focus of the Communication Group Call is to empower leaders to use their voices. They learn the common misconceptions of communication; how to ensure 100% understanding using specific verbal cues and they learn two opportunities available in every conversation with their leaders and their teams. 

*Group Call topics are subject to change based on the needs of the group*

Monthly 1:1 Intensive

1:1 calls are an opportunity to take a deep dive into specific challenges and opportunities each leader faces. 

In the first 1:1 call, leaders are asked to share where they are at (Island A) and where they desire to be 6 months from then (Island B). 

Each call ensures measurable progress toward their goals. Leaders are given specific action items to work through during the time between calls.  

All meetings are held via Zoom. 

Custom packages are available to fit the needs of your company. 

"I have become more assertive and confident in my job. I have trained many new people in our company and done a better job at being more organized."
“Communication [group call] inspired me to not only use my voice and speak up but also to retrain my thoughts on how others communicate to me."
"My favorite part about 1:1s is being able to share my experiences and challenges and get really great advice and feedback."
"I beat my Q1 goal! I doubted myself but this has helped me realize I can do anything I put my mind to.”
"I enjoy the talks of separation of [business] and self, self discipline and the general community I feel from everyone on the call"