You overthink everything in this season of life. You are trying to decide who you are and what you want in general—in addition to what to do when you step into the batter’s box. 

You strike out just one time and quickly think, “I’m not hitting good today.” As a pitcher, you might miss two or three rise balls and decide, “my rise ball isn’t working today.” Your thinking is all or nothing—black or white only. 

And I get it. It is hard balancing the weight of what other people think about you while trying to focus on growing in the game you love. You want to trust in your ability but your confidence waivers more than you want to admit. You want to play freely but you are filled with nerves.

I know you’ve been told that softball
is 90% mental and 10% physical but
most of your time is spent on the physical part of your game.

How much sense does that make?

Now is the BEST time for you to focus on the part of your game that will transform you into the champion you know you are destined to become. 

Introducing, In The Champions Zone.

This elite mental training course is for focused softball players who want to play softball at the collegiate level.

This is not for athletes who are still undecided.

You say you want to be more confident, to stop overthinking and to trust yourself more, right? In The Champions Zone answers how to do all of that and MUCH more.


Hey, I’m Paige. 

I absolutely get where you are at right now. I honestly feel like I left SO much on the table when I played collegiate softball simply because I didn’t have the mental tools I needed to step into optimal performance. That’s why I feel so strongly about In The Champions Zone. This is the course I WISH I had access to when I was a young softball player like you.

I spent 11 years in Division I softball both as a student-athlete at the University of North Carolina and as the Director of Softball Operations at the University of Arkansas. I worked for the Arkansas Softball Program for the eight years (2015-2022) supporting the programs’ unprecedented growth including two back-to-back SEC Championships and the first SEC Tournament Championship in program history.

I started my Performance Coaching business in 2018 after listening to countless athletes (from 9th grade to college) repeat the same mental challenges with confidence, overthinking, failure and pressure. Since then, I’ve traveled the country speaking at events and running workshops for softball player of all ages.


Get instant access to the exclusive "In The Champions Zone portal" where there are 12 mental training modules separated into the following three sections:

Defining Questions - Champions are strongly connected to their “why.” The better you know who you are as a player, the more you learn to trust yourself and your ability to get into the state of optimal performance. 

Thoughts & Feelings - Players must understand how thoughts and feelings are connected. Every player from the ones who are just beginning their softball journey to the professionals are all human and thus experience the SAME thoughts and emotions. You have the power to use these to your advantage. This module teaches you how. 

Brain DUMP - You take a bath or shower every day to maintain your personal hygiene. If you don’t shower, you smell badly. Brain DUMP takes care of your mental hygiene. You have to release the thoughts that keep you playing small in order to play as the most confident version of you. 

Highest Self - Highest Self is you but the most confident version of you. We dive into players that you admire, the qualities they have and how to embody those yourself. 

No More Overthinking (video only) - Most players will focus on the outcome that they don’t want. For example, “don’t hit the rise ball.” This module teaches you the exact opposite of overthinking—focus. 

Confidence Tools - Athletes talk about confidence ALL the time. But what is confidence? What does confidence feel like to you? In this module, you learn exactly what to do to harness your best confidence. 

Words - Words are POWERFUL. There are words that athletes think aka their “inner voice” and there are words you speak out loud. Discover the difference between the two and how to use your words to create your champions mindset in the face of pressure. 

Collegiate Career At Bat Chart (video only) - It is very common for softball players to put pressure on every singe at bat. They know this is a sport with a high failure rate but most don’t know this actually looks like over the course of a season. Sometimes a .300+ batting average over the course of the season looks like 7 “unsuccessful” at bats in a row. This video sheds light on the bigger picture to help athletes remain consistent despite the emotional highs and lows of the game.

Leadership Styles - Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. If you are an athlete joining In The Champions Zone, you are a leader already. This module explores different leadership styles and the impact you have on the players around you. Collegiate athletes must be leaders of themselves first. 

Confidence Tools II - This module was requested after Confidence Tools was released. We did into the true meaning of “fear,” what “winning ugly” means and how to visualize exactly what you want in your next game. 

Champions vs Average Athlete Mindset - Inside this module, you get a clear picture of the mind of an average athlete compared to the mind of a champion. You’ll want to watch this one on repeat. 

Stay in the Champions Zone - This module is your reflection over this course. What really stuck with you? How can you commit to not only consuming new mental training tools but using them to better your game from now until the time you retire? 

"This really helped me take control of my own thoughts and replace my negative thoughts with positive ones. It’s easy to say that, but now I have the tools to help me do it. I get so much more out of my workouts now."

Kennedy M. | 2023 | Texas

"Before I started In The Champions Zone, I was scared of failure and I was less confident. Now I trust myself more. I know where I am is where I am supposed to be. I understand the game more now. I feel like I’m more focused now and know how to focus better. Before I would think about too many things and now I know how to take a breath and calm myself down. Before I used to tell myself what not to do. I tell everyone I have a mental coach."

Mia H. | 2028 | Florida

"I highly recommend that if you have or are currently struggling with confidence or positive self-talk, even if you haven’t struggled, doing this program now can help you if you do experience struggles in the future.

Something that surprised me about this is how the college athletes we heard from have some of the same adjustments or things that they have to work on just like we do even though they are playing at such a high level."

MaKaylie G. | 2023 | Arkansas

"I learned a lot about myself and what my best self looks like to me.  The strategies and tools that we learned have helped me remove fear from my game. 

I have told all of my friends about this class and I would definitely recommend it. It has changed my game. "

Kaylee G. | 2026 | Florida

"I would say that this has transformed my mental side of the game. I have learned numerous tools on how to create a positive mindset and get rid of negativity. I’ve also learned how to communicate with others, how to decompress from situations, and how to gain control over anything in my head. I would recommend this course to anyone going on to play softball or any sport at a higher level.

My favorite part has been either the Higher Self and how to incorporate that in my everyday life, or learning about the inner voice and how to control the negativity to be the best version of myself."

Kylie B. | 2023 | Missouri

"I would recommend [this] to another player because we all have coaches for hitting, fielding, and everything physical but in reality, we need the mental coaching just as much, if not more. Because when our physical side isn’t working, we have to have that mental backbone to fall back on. Everything works from your mentality down and so it needs to be strong and this program really helped me with that.  

The leadership module was a lot of fun because it really made me think about who I am as a teammate.

I didn’t expect to learn as much about how to process emotions that are also outside of the game. We go over how to handle yourself as a person just as much as we do an anthem so it blends into my everyday life just as much as my game."

Jayden W. | 2023 | Arkansas


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