Simply put, Elevation Era is my PROVEN process to get you what you want. 

Maybe that’s a promotion, maybe that’s your own business, maybe that’s truly prioritizing your mental and physical health or maybe that’s calling in your ideal relationships both romantic and friendly. Maybe you don’t know exactly what that is for you yet. 

The Elevation Era process helps you first decide what you want—you can’t hit a target you can’t see—then gives you the framework to get it rapidly. 


Through the 6 lessons, you’ll take specific action to make your declaration a reality.


I get it.


You’re having a f**k this sh*t moment. You have a decent life, decent relationships and you feel pretty decent about your health. For the most part, you have your sh*t together…but you’ve been feeling this itch to elevate one or more of these areas. 

And so far, it’s not happening. You’ve been trying to wing it and it’s not working. 

You like goals, you like To Do lists and you like to see progress. I'm the same way.

This is exactly why I created Elevation Era. You’re going to commit to the process and know that you truly achieved your declaration on the other side. 


This is your permission to take action.

Check out what Elevation Era graduates have to say about their experience:

"Stick with it, Paige knows what she’s doing and she makes you feel empowered."

"If you do the work, you will make breakthroughs. Guaranteed."

"If you have the idea or vision of where you want to be, but need that push forward to start this is the right place for you. Gaining momentum can be hard, but once the momentum starts it's harder to stop yourself from getting to where you want to be."

"My favorite part of each week is the action we commit to embrace from the lesson of the week."


The process is simple. 

1. You declare what you want 
(Lesson 1 will help you).

2. You complete the Elevation Era framework.


>> Some women focus their Elevation Era on their career —they want the raise or they want to leave their current job or they want more money. 


Elevation Era is the process that leads you to that result. 


>> Some women focus their Elevation Era on their health they want to lose 15 lbs. or they want to develop a lifestyle outside of work or they want to feel more peace, contentment and fulfillment. 


Elevation Era is the process that leads you to that result.


Some women focus their Elevation Era on their relationships — they want more confidence in handling conflict, they want to call in their partner, they want to be part of a social community. 


Elevation Era is the process that leads you to that result.

Your dreams and ideas can either live in your mind or they can MOVE in the world. Elevate sets your ideas into motion.

The Elevation Era Framework 

LESSON  1: Unsubscribe

You will make a bold, brave declaration about one of the following areas of your life: your relationships, your career or your health (mental, physical and/or emotional). What do you truly want to create over the course of these 6 lessons?

Then you’ll uncover and learn to release the thoughts and stories that try to keep you small, stagnant and complacent. I’m too old to get a business degree. I’m too young to be going for this promotion. I’m not organized enough to start a podcast. Sound familiar?

This is a “cleaning out the closet” focused lesson. At every stage of life, at every level of success, we all have old stories, insecurities and doubts. It’s time to drop the baggage.

LESSON 2: Athlete State of Mind

Uncover your athlete state of mind. An athlete knows that the way they fuel their body, the way they protect their mental space, the way the move their body, the way they sleep, etc. has a DIRECT impact on their performance. It is NEVER selfish to protect this performance. Their performance positively impacts their people. YOUR people are impact by your performance on the stage of life.

LESSON 3: Power Pose

In this lesson, you fully embrace your power. You know exactly what it looks like when someone walks into a room and the energy shifts. Their presence makes other people want to sit a little straighter. You learn to embody this SAME energy inside Power Pose. YOU will decide how you show up as if your declaration is already true and as a result, you will teach people how to respond to you.


It’s time to tighten up your personal systems and habits. You learn the 4 crucial parts to establish a new habit. Discipline truly equals freedom. You have more freedom to bring your declaration to life when you take care of “the little things.”

You brush your teeth regularly for your dental health. You shower regularly for your bodily health. You clean regularly to keep your space neat. NOW you learn to create, practice and embody HER systems regularly. Who is she? The elevated version of you.

LESSON 5: Your Life; Your Recipe

Beware of the power inside this lesson. You are going to take a DEEP dive into a guided visualization practice where your desires and your declaration feels as though it is already yours.

If you count yourself out of anything that you want, you clearly don’t know how to count. It’s time to build the recipe for the life you truly desire…and step BOLDLY in that direction.

LESSON 6: Into the Arena

The arena is where the magic happens, not on the sidelines. You get to decide what being a woman in the arena means to you and establish the new standard for yourself. What did you once celebrate that is now normalized for you? This might be a continuation of your declaration or something new that’s come through for you from your lessons in your personal Elevation Era.


Hi, I’m Paige.


I’m who you hire to create momentum in your life. I am the coach you work with when you’re ready to move the needle forward. 


As a Performance and Leadership Coach, I’ve worked with 1000s of women guiding them directly to the results they desire. This success is achieved largely from (1) developing the ability to move through failure quickly, (2) a true understanding of self-leadership, and (3) consistency and accountability using tools that intentionally reflect a growth mindset.


My personal success is absolutely from my background in athletics and my ability to move “from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm” (borrowed that from Winston Churchill).


I have 11 years of Division I collegiate softball experience, which is a sport of A LOT of “failure.” When you reach base 3 out of 10 plate appearances, that’s considered a success. Those 7 dreadful times where you “fail” can certainly derail you…if you allow it.


This is where I’ve discovered self-leadership is instrumental. Your ability to maintain your confidence and growth through intentional mindset tools will change your life. I deeply know and understand that you have to lead yourself in order to effectively lead others.


Inside Elevation Era, you get immediate access to 6 lessons.


Each lesson includes a video training and activation graphic with specific homework. The graphic directly supports the video and moves you from idea to action.


You have access to the lessons online and on a convenient app on your phone.


The price is only $147 until Friday, November 24.


Elevation Era is about you first believing in yourself and THEN doing the damn thing and taking ACTION.

Elevation Era