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Elevate with the Enneagram


In order to TAKE THE ENNEAGRAM ASSESSMENT for the workshop, you will get a code via email.


If you do NOT receive your confirmation email within 15 minutes, please contact [email protected]

Day 1: Enneagram Types

Each person is given access to an online Enneagram assessment from the Enneagram Institute. You are required to complete the assessment 24 hours prior to Day 1. You will NOT see your results and they are sent directly to the PRC team.

During Day 1, you are taught about each of the 9 Enneagram Types and are asked to type yourself based on your Core Fears, Core Desires, Core Weaknesses and Core Longings.

Day 2: Internal GPS

Each Enneagram type has an Internal GPS including behaviors they exhibit in times of stress and behaviors they exhibit in times of growth. We discuss each of these pathways and how they are showing up in both your personal and professional lives.

Each person is given a specific challenge based on your Enneagram type that will help you move from the stress path to the growth path.

Day 1 is at 12p.m. CT/1p.m. ET on Wednesday, March 13 

Day 2 is at 12p.m. CT/1p.m. ET on Thursday, March 14